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Shop Closed, DTB.

we will be back soon with lots of new goodies. In the meantime make sure to check our Instagram page for all updates.


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Alyssa said:

“I found a charm that J&Jco had made previously & instantly fell in love with it. I messaged them to see if it was at all possible to have it recreated. They were so sweet and agreed to make them for me, and added in a special surprise. I cannot recommend them enough. Their quality and designs are so great! It’s the perfect way to add personality to my cups!” 

Jessica said:

"The most beautiful straw toppers. Who knew something so small could make you so happy. When I receive my Magic Mail from my day is just that much better. Everything that she makes is amazing and beautiful I love it all!!"

Machelle Said:

Love, Love, Love my straw toppers

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